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Qantas Stories for Every Journey – Limited Edition Box Set
Qantas Stories for Every Journey – Limited Edition Box Set

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A book tailored to your journey, wherever you are going.

Qantas have created an exclusive bespoke collection of ten books written by a selection of Australia's finest authors. Each book has been carefully paired with specific Qantas flights so that the reading time and flight time matches exactly. As a result, when you travel from runway to runway, you also move precisely from cover to cover. Next time you fly with Qantas, enjoy in-flight entertainment perfect for your journey.

Box Set Includes:

Book 1 - City of Evil: The truth about Adelaide's strange and violent underbelly
Author: Sean Fewster
Journey: Adelaide to Canberra, 1.35hrs
Drawn from 10 years of eyewitness experience as a court reporter, Sean Fewster lifts the lid on the most bizarre and twisted true crime cases in Adelaide's history.

Book 2 – Australian Tragic
Author: Jack Marx
Journey: Brisbane to Auckland, 3.25hrs
Australian Tragic is about a nation that began its life as a stage for misfortune – and ever since has struggled to outgrow its birthright.
These are gripping tales that take us into the heart of this country: tales of genuine catastrophe, of grand chances gone astray, of fools and their plans pathetically undone, of heartbreaking sadness and violent loss, and of both goodness and human evil.

Book 3 – A Man's Got to Have a Hobby: Long Summers With My Dad
Author: William McInnes
Journey: Perth to Singapore, 5.15hrs
William McInnes' bestselling memoir, A Man's Got to Have a Hobby, takes us back to the long summer holidays of the 1960s and 70s, and the last of the baby-boomer childhoods. William writes with humour and affection about his family, and especially his mum and dad, who talked to the TV set and enjoyed life in their house near the bay.

Book 4 – Promise
Author: Tony Cavanaugh
Journey: Melbourne to Hong Kong, 8.50hrs
An Australian crime thriller “as good as Harlan Coben” (Weekend Australian)

Book 5 – Extreme South
Author:: James Castrission
Journey: Brisbane to Los Angeles, 12.50hrs
In the footsteps of Scott and Amundsen, two Aussies, Case and Jonesy, set out to conquer the last great wilderness on earth. This is their story of tenacity, mateship and survival.

Book 6 – BLIGH: Master mariner
Author: Rob Mundle
Journey: Melbourne to Dubai, 14.15hrs
Rob Mundle's BLIGH puts you at the heart of a great nautical life – it's a story that embraces the romance of the sea, bravery in battle, the adventure of exploration under sail and the cost of having the courage of your convictions.

Book 7 – Wildflower Hill
Author: Kimberley Freeman
Journey: Sydney to Dallas Fort Worth, 15.25hrs
From the class divisions of depression-era Glasgow, to the rolling pastures of a rural Tasmanian sheep farm. An unforgettable story of passion, love, secrets and loss.

Book 8 – Blossoms and Shadows
Author: Lian Hearn
Journey: Sydney to Santiago, 15.55hrs
From the author of the phenomenal and bestselling TALES OF THE OTORI series comes a stand-alone historical novel set in the 19th century Japan.
This is the story of the birth of modern Japan, told by Tsuru, a young woman who breaks every stereotype of the Japanese lady.

Book 9 – Kokoda
Author: Peter Fitzsimons
Journey: Sydney to New York, 22.05hrs
For Australian's, Kokoda is the iconic battle of World War II, yet few people know just what happened – and just what our troops achieved. Now, bestselling author Peter Fitzsimons tells the Kokoda story in a gripping, moving story for all Australians.

Book 10 – The Australian Light Horse
Author: Roland Perry
Journey: Melbourne to London, 23.20hrs
This is the stirring story of the Australian Light Horst in the Middle East in World War 1, culminating in their brilliant victories in Gaza, Beersheba and Damascus.