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Jump from up to 15,000ft and have up to 60 seconds of freefall over the spectacular coastline of Byron Bay! Our experienced instructors deliver an amazing adrenalin adventure every time!
Skydive from up to 15,000ft. Experience coastal views ranging from Cape Byron Headlands to Julian Rocks. Great viewing area for spectators with onsite cafe. Includes optional pickups from specified Byron, Brisbane and Gold Coast locations. Skydiving is known, for very good reason, as life's ultimate thrill. It's the big daddy, the adventure and rush by which all others are measured. Amazingly, the buzz of free fall is an easy and safe experience, especially during a tandem skydiving adventure.

Nothing more to pay on the day! Your Australian Parachute Federation and Admin Fee is included in the price.

On the ground you'll be suited up in skydiving gear and your professional skydiving instructors will run through a few "dirt dives" - practice skydiving exits. You'll also be taught the skydiving basics of canopy control and safe landing procedures. Once you're confident with this skydiving knowledge you'll enjoy a 20-minute flight to an altitude of up to 15,000ft where, after a final check, it's time to hop out and take the quick way down - skydiving to Byron Bay!

The beauty of tandem skydiving is that it requires none of the usual intensive skydiving training, but offers 100 per cent of the mind-blowing, 200km/hr open-air thrill. The feeling is often described as floating on a cushion of air as you hurtle 9,500ft through the sky in up to 60 seconds. The skydiving parachute is deployed at around 4,500ft, offering an intensely serene experience and one of the world's greatest views - perfect for reflecting on the high-adrenalin skydiving adventure you've just enjoyed. During the five-minute glide to earth you'll be taught to control your direction and descent speed and, once you touch down, you'll be on a high for weeks - guaranteed.

Weight surcharge applies for those over 95kg (payable on the day see below for full details).

Fitness / Experience:
No particular level of fitness is required but people with heart conditions or epilepsy cannot jump
No experience is required as training is part of the jump
You must be 12 years or over (12-18 years require parent/guardian consent). Please note that participation is subject to the harness fitting correctly and safely
The experience provider advises women who are pregnant to abstain from skydiving
Maximum weight: participants over 110kgs are subject to tandem master assessment. Customers 95kgs and over are subject to a weight surcharge. This is payable at the drop zone on the day of your skydive

Adventurer To Bring:
Wear comfortable clothing suitable to the weather
Wear comfortable, flat, closed in shoes - no boots or high heels
Pack a camera for ground shots (not permitted on the plane for safety reasons) and plenty of courage
You must bring your Adrenalin customer confirmation on the day of your jump

What is supplied:
Professional Tandem Master
Skydive from up to 15,000ft
Briefing and instruction
All equipment
25 minutes of spectacular scenic views over the beautiful Byron Bay coastline
Your Australian Parachute Federation levy and fuel levy is included in the price
Great viewing area for spectators with onsite cafe
Includes optional pickups from specified Byron, Brisbane and Gold Coast locations (by prior arrangement)

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Skydiving Byron Bay - Tandem Skydive Up To 15,000ft

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