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The Amazfit Smart Scale is equipped with a high-precision G-shaped sensor, which is sensitive enough to detect minor weight changes of up to 50 grams The Amazfit Smart Scale enables you to measure your body fat ratio at any time, so that you can choose the right fat-burning exercises for your body. With its high-precision data processing chip, the scale provides metrics for 16 body health indicators based on the basic information you enter, which helps you easily understand your overall physical condition. Tracks 16 Key Body Health Metrics. - Body Weight - Body Fat Rate - Muscle Mass - Body Water Percentage - Bone Mass - Protein Percentage - Basal Metabolism - Visceral Fat Grade - Subcutaneous Fat - Skeletal Muscle - Change of Muscle Mass - Physical Age - Body Score - Body Mass Index (BMI) - Ideal Body Weight - Body Type High Measurement of Accuracy: The Amazfit Smart Scale is equipped with a high-precision G-shaped sensor, which is sensitive enough to detect minor weight changes of up to 50 grams Analyses Calorie Cost of 18 Sports: Bind the scale to the Zepp app and it will calculate the calories burned every 30 minutes in each of the 18 supported sports based on the body data measured beforehand, so that you can formulate a personalized exercise plan for your body-building. Convenient Cloud Sync: The Amazfit Smart Scale offers both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functionality, thus allowing health data to be synchronized conveniently and efficiently to both your mobile phone and the cloud for you to check anytime, anywhere. Physical Health Analysis: The Amazfit Smart Scale analyzes your key body health indicators to provide you with an evaluation of your body as well as health improvement suggestions. Standing Heart Rate Detection4 The Amazfit Smart Scale measures your standing heart rate, helping you assess your overall fitness level, so you can adapt your exercise plan to improve it over time.
  • High Measurement Accuracy
  • 16 Body Health Metrics
  • Wi-Fi + Bluetooth Connection
  • Standing Heart Rate Detection
  • Exclusive Aurora Gradient Design
  • Dimensions 320 x 320 x 25mm
  • Weighing Range 5kg - 180kg
  • Weighing Unit kg / lbs / stone Increments
  • Large LCD Display - Contains 8 Body Health Metrics
  • The 3.4” large display allows users to access up to eight of the most important body health metrics at a glance. Through the App, users can pick their favorite body data to be displayed on the screen from a selection of 14 different body health metrics, making their use more convenient and personal.
  • When the screen is off, the LCD display is hidden and merges into the glass cover, giving the smart scale a more unified and elegant look.
  • The Amazfit Smart Scale supports 10 accounts, each of which can be used by up to 12 family members. The scale can identify6 family members sharing the same account to facilitate use. It also provides a guest mode and erases guest data later.
  • Baby Weighing:
  • Your baby's weight can be calculated through the associated Zepp app when you stand on the scale with your baby in your arms.
  • Turn off body composition measurement
  • You can accurately measure pregnancy weight gain thanks to the Amazfit's functionality.
  • Weight: 2.2kg
  • Model Number: FE-D2003APIN

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Amazfit Smart Scale

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