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  • For everyday use at the office
  • Stay active and healthy in the workplace
  • Prevent or treat back pain and muscle tension caused by long periods of desk work
  • This set comes with a booklet full of helpful exercises suitable to be performed in a corporate environment

The BLACKROLL® OFFICE BOX contains relevant BLACKROLL® products for everyday use at the office. Boost performance in your working life and increase well-being without a great deal of effort and without getting sweaty. No matter what your profession, do something good for yourself and avoid or treat common pain such as mouse arm, back pain, or neck tension.


The OFFICE BOX contains the proven BLACKROLL® STANDARD foam roller, a DUOBALL 08 and the clever MINI. A practical GYMBAG for easy transport and a booklet with plenty of exercises and information on fascial training and everyday self care are also included. The instructions in the booklet apply to all fitness levels, they do not require much space and time and they can be performed in formal clothing without getting a sweat up. This set is perfect to make your work day healthier, more active and less stressful for body and mind.

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