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The ALLERGOPROTECT® Pillow Case Is Here

Are you sensitive to allergies? 

We have designed a pillowcase designed to keep 99.9% of allergens out, making your life less irritating.

How Does AllergoProtect® Work?

On average, AllergoProtect® keeps up to 99.9% of dust and allergens away while we sleep. 

  • Allergy pillowcase for dust/dust mite allergy sufferers and hygiene-conscious people.  
  • No use of biocides & chemical additives. 
  • Clinically tested.
  • Still effective after washing. 

Why allergens make us sleep badly:

Allergens are positively charged and surround us almost everywhere - especially in bed. While we sleep, we breathe them in. If you suffer from a house dust allergy, you probably know this: your body reacts allergically with sniffles, a blocked nose or an irritating cough. The result: you sleep badly and don't feel refreshed.

AllergoProtect® keeps allergens together:

The allergy pillowcase is equipped with negatively charged particles. These attract positively charged allergens like a magnet. Which keeps them together until the next wash.

For a restful and hygienic night:

When washing, the bound allergens are released from the pillowcase and rinsed out. Wash the pillowcase at 40°C as soon as you feel the effect weakening. After washing, your pillowcase will be hygienic, fresh and free of allergens. You can wash your allergy pillowcase as often as you like, your pillow is still suitable for allergy sufferers and ensures a lasting sleeping comfort.

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Pillow Case Allergoprotect®

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