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Our New Three In One Foam Roller

  • Specific treatment of the spine, calves, and parallel muscle fibers.
  • A twisted mid-section surface creates further stimulation of the skin and increases blood flow.
  • Medium-density level
  • Easy to clean & sanitize
  • Made from high quality, durable and recycled materials.

All of our favourite fascia products combined into one: 

The TWIN foam roller's cut-out center leaves room for the spine which is similar to the well know peanut ball providing more specific targeting of muscle groups. Similar to the STANDARD, the TWIN gives more support by having a wider and flatter base. This provides the targeted approach of the DUOBALL as well as the support and variety of normal foam rollers.

We created a weave pattern that is designed to stimulate the skin and the muscle tissue, creating a similar sensation to the TWISTER, especially when applied to the leg and arm muscle groups.

In the first year, the TWIN was awarded GOLD in the Fitness & Team Sports category by the ISPO Award jury.

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Twin Foam Roller

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