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Bosch - 91 Piece Accessory Set to suit 603982343

Equipped to handle virtually any project: Comprehensive drill bit and screwdriver set for drilling and fixing in wood, masonry and metal. Metal drill bits with high performance itianium nitride coating. The highest quality surface finish for extreme loads. Robust wood and masonry drill bits, as well as screwdriver bits and nutsetters for secure attachments/fixings. Also included: screwdriver with ratchet function and pull-out magnetic rod for easy pick up of screws, nails and other magnetic parts.


  • 11 metal drill bits o 2-8 mm with titanium nitride coating. The high-grade metal drill bits with titaniumnitride coating excel through their long service life and high strength.
  • For fast, clean drilling in the most diverse metals, plexiglass and hard plastics (not suitable for use with aluminium).
  • Up to 40% faster drilling progress than with comparable drill bits without titanium nitride coating.
  • Up to 6-times longer service life when used with proper cooling.
  • 11 masonry drill bits 0 3-10 mm with carbide tip suitable for hammer drilling in masonry, limestone, natural stone and cast stone.
  • 8 wood drill bits 0 3-10 mm with centring tip for precise centring. For hardwood, softwood and plastic.
  • 49 screwdriver bits with Phillips, Pozidriv, Torx, hexagon-head and longitudinal slot screw heads in all standard sizes, as well as 8 nutsetters for all screw applications.
  • 1 manual screwdriver with ratchet function for screw fittings and 1 magnetic universal holder for fast bit changes and a reliable screw hold in the bit.
  • Practical Bosch V-Line case with clearly arranged content layout. Easy and safe removal of accessories, as well as simplified selection of the accessories thanks to application pictograms.

What's in the Box:

  • 1 x hand screwdriver with ratchet function
  • 1 x magnetic stick
  • 11 x HSS-TiN metal drill bits, o 2-8 mm
  • 11 x masonry drill bits, o 3-10 mm
  • 8 x wood drill bits, o 3-10 mm
  • 15 x screwdriver bits, L=50 mm PH 0/1/2/3, PZ 0/1/2/3, S 6 T 10/15/20/25, H 5/6
  • 34 x screwdriver bits, L=25 mm PH 0/0/1/1/2/2/3/3 PZ 0/0/1/1/2/2/3/3 S 3/5/5/7 T 10/10/15/15/20/20/25/25/30/40 H 3/5/5/6
  • 8 x nutsetters, o 6/7/8/9/10/11/12/13 mm
  • 1 x magnetic universal holder
  • 1 x countersink
  • 1.802g

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91 Piece Accessory Set to suit 603982343

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