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Immunity Beauty Duo

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Immune support — Gut replenishing — Beauty boosting

Giving your immune system and beauty a boost is easy with our Native Collagen and Gut Renew Powder duo. With over 80% of your immune system found in your gut, ensuring your gut health is in check and providing your body with an abundance of Vitamin C is essential when it comes to building a strong immune system.

The Edible Beauty Native Plant-Based Collagen Powder contains a synergy of 100% vegan ingredients including Australian natives and antioxidant-rich fruits designed to support healthy collagen production and gut well-being. This natural collagen supplement helps to protect the skin against youth-depleting free radical damage whilst providing the body with four times the recommended dose of Vitamin C with every serve. Find out more about Native Collagen Powder here.

Your gut microbiome lies at the core of your health – from the radiance of your skin and strength of your immune system to the health of your digestive system and the balance of your hormones and mood. Inner Essentials Skin + Gut Renew is a comprehensive naturopathic formula containing a combination of nutrients, along with herbs traditionally used in Western herbal medicine designed to support healthy gastrointestinal immune function and skin health.

This powder can assist in:

  • Supporting a healthy gastrointestinal lining and immune function
  • Decreasing abdominal bloating, reducing wind and relieving symptoms of indigestion
  • Supporting healthy digestive function
  • Support skin health and connective tissue formation
  • Supporting liver cleansing

Beauty Benefits

Your immune system is supported, gut is replenished and beauty and complexion are boosted


Mix 1 heaped teaspoon of Native Collagen Powder and 1 scoop of Gut Renew Powder into water, juice, non-dairy milk, your favourite smoothie or breakfast bowl.


Native Collagen Powder (85g):
Australian Native Superfruit Blend, 35% (Rosella Flower Powder*, Kakadu Plum Powder*, Quandong Powder*, Mountain Pepperberry Powder), Baobab Fruit Powder*, Sea Buckthorn Juice Powder*, Apple Powder, Maqui Berry Powder*, Monk Fruit Powder, Aloe Vera Inner Leaf Gel Powder*.

Inner Essentials – Skin + Gut Renew Powder (120g):

Active ingredients per 4 g
Aloe vera leaf ext. dry conc. 5 mg from dry root 1 g equiv Hydroxyanthracene derivatives calc. as anhydrous barbaloin 50 micrograms
Calendula officinalis flower ext. dry conc. 100 mg from dry flower 1 g
Silybum marianum fruit ext. dry conc. 130.96 mg from dry fruit 9.16 g
Slippery elm bark powder 500 mg
Vitis vinifera seed ext. dry conc. std 157.8 mg from dry seed 18.93 g equiv.
Procyanidins 149.92 mg
Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) 100 mg
Glutamine 1 g
Pectin 500 mg
Bromelains 83.36 mg (30 million FCC PU)
Matricaria chamomilla flower ext. dry conc. 750 mg from dry flower 6g


  • Cruelty Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Eco Friendly
  • Pregnancy Safe
  • Recyclable
  • Toxin Free
  • Vegan
  • Wildcrafted
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