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Let us introduce you to tranquil beauty and total freedom of Hot Air Ballooning.

Hot Air Balloon ride over stunning Avon Valley
Champagne Breakfast included
Incredible views over Western Australia's rural landscape

An Avon Valley hot air ballooning adventure is an experience you'll always remember. If this is your first time in a balloon, it's the perfect location soak up the tranquil beauty and total freedom it offers. All this just an hour's drive from Perth.

Close your eyes and imagine yourself drifting silently through the air. You feel no wind because you are the wind, the earth glides gently beneath your feet and everything is in miniature. You can hear the sounds of the awakening world below as you witness the sunrise over the mountains, showering the landscape with golden light. Time seems to stand still as you are transported on an aerial journey... this is the unique sensation of ballooning.

Your experience will begin with a short briefing from the pilot over a cuppa. You will then be transported to the launch site where you may help with the launch, or stand back and take pictures. As the suns first rays lighten the sky, the balloon swells, slowly taking form and then gracefully rising. Slowly, we float over the valley, becoming one with the gentle wind while viewing the majestic countryside below. The Avon Valley is a beautiful place to experience hot air balloon flight. Balloons have been flying over the Avon Valley for more than a quarter of a century. This rural landscape, with its rolling hills, lush green fields, and meandering streams provides a picturesque setting for the oldest, and purest form of flight.

From the air, witness the first signs of dawn shed light over the countryside, a patchwork of colours and patterns formed by ploughed paddocks, lush pasture, and developing crops. At the final landing point, the retrieve crew assist in packing up the envelope and basket. After the flight celebrate your experience with a champagne breakfast.

Allow 3-4 hours for the experience and celebrations of which the flight occupies approximately 45 mins - 1 hour. The memories will last a lifetime! Ballooning in Western Australia is seasonal. Flights take place during the cooler months from early April to late November as the hot and windy summer weather in Western Australia is unsuitable for ballooning.

Where is Avon Valley?

Avon Valley is a national park in Western Australia. It's located 47 kilometres/a one-hour drive away from Perth.


Fitness / Experience:
You must be able to stand unaided for the duration of the flight and be able to get in and out of the wicker basket
Please advise us if you have had recent back or leg injury/surgery
No experience is required
If you have any special dietary requirements for the champagne breakfast, such as a vegetarian diet, please ensure you mention this on the booking form

Adventurer To Bring:
It does not get any colder in the balloon because we do not reach high altitudes and there is no wind chill factor as the balloon moves with the wind. However please be aware that it can be cold in the Avon Valley. Bring sunglasses, cap or beanie and scarf.

What is supplied:
Professional Pilot
All ballooning equipment
45-60 minute flight
Champagne breakfast

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Hot Air Ballooning - Perth, Weekend

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