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Grace, elegance and sophistication feature highly in Japanese culture. They are also synonymous with the Miyabi brand. The authentic Japanese blade design and extraordinary sharpness of the Miyabi knives will delight lovers of the Japanese cuisine. They will appreciate their perfect balance and comfortable handle.

The Miyabi Birchwood 5000MCD Santoku Knife is an Asian chef's knife with a broad blade and especially sharp cutting edge
Best used in a chopping motion and is suitable for preparing meat, fish and vegetables.

Miyabi Birchwood 5000MCD range combines the greatest in hardening technology, most precious knife materials and the artistry of traditional Japanese craftsmanship

  • <li>The core of the SG2 super steel is protected by a 101-layer stunning flower Damascus pattern</li>
  • <li>CRYODUR blade undergoes a four-step hardening process which maximises the properties of the steel</li>
  • <li>Traditional 3-step Honbazuke hand-honed edge</li>
  • <li>CRYODUR ice-hardened to 63 Rockwel</li>
  • <li>Stunning Birch handle features a striking mosaic pin, red spaces accents and a steel end cap</li>
  • <li>Manufactured in Seki, Japan</li>
  • <li>Care Instructions: Do not wash in dishwasher, as this may cause corrosion of the blades</li>
  • <li>To clean, run under hot water with a small amount of detergent and dry thoroughly</li>
  • <li>Store in a dry, moisture- free place to avoid rusting or discolouration</li>
  • <li>If the knives are not used for an extended period of time, wrap them in a dry cloth or newspaper and store them in a dry place the hygroscopic paper will keep the blades dry and the oil from the printing ink prevent corrosion</li>
  • <li>Select the correct knife for the task to ensure you will get the best cutting results and you are also easy on the blades</li>
  • <li>Miyabi knives should only be sharpened with a professional sharpening stone due to the extremely hard steel and the fine Honbazuke honing of the knives</li>
  • <li>Weight (kg): 0.54</li>
  • <li>Model Number: 62503</li></ul>

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5000MCD Santoku 18cm

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