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Therapy Roller is designed to release muscle tension and restore joint mobility.
  • MULTI-TARGETED DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE- Providing a stimulating experience, the Large PTP Therapy Roller is designed to release muscle tension and restore joint mobility. The pyramidal projections offer a multi-targeted approach, while the robust hollow core guarantees a deep tissue massage that penetrates through the layers of muscle and fascia.;SELF-MYOFASCIAL RELEASE- By utilising your own body weight to sustain pressure and roll, the Large Therapy Roller allows you to perform self-myofascial release (SMR), helping muscles return to their natural range, activating blood circulation and breaking down scar tissue and adhesions between skin, muscles and bones. ;ACTIVE RECOVERY AND PERFORMANCE- After intense workouts, microscopic tears and scar tissue can develop in soft tissues, causing tightness and soreness. Prolonged sitting can also lead to poor posture, muscle imbalances and adaptive shortening. Lengthening the fascia through rolling can speed up recovery, improve musculoskeletal alignment and optimise performance.;Helps increases blood circulation, release myofascial and maximise recovery;Special multi-cone surface to effectively address trigger points;Strong inner core engineered for deep tissue massage and maximum durability;For use almost anywhere in the body: shoulders, back, glutes, TFLs, hamstrings, quadriceps, etc;Soft density for a moderate level of compression
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Massage Therapy Roller Soft

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