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Introducing the Remington Ultimate Series Rx5 Head Shaver, the ONLY head shaver specifically designed for that shaved head look!

Complete with a hair pocket for no mess, detachable heads for easy clean and fast to use with 5 x cutting heads for a whole head shave in under 2 minutes* on a 2 day hair growth.


  • For Regular Shaving
    Crafted with 5x cutting heads, the Remington Ultimate Series Rx5 Head Shaver can quickly shave your whole head in under 2 minutes* (on a 2-day hair growth). And with up to 50 minutes of runtime, it's a practical option for regular shaves.
  • No Mess
    An integrated, detachable hair pocket lets the Remington head shaver capture cut hairs as it moves across your skin. Mess is minimised and the collected hair can be easily disposed of after each shaving session.
  • Keep It Clean
    The Rx5 Head Shaver cuts hair down to 0.2mm, making it a great choice for creating a sleek, shaved head look. For added, styling convenience, an included pop-up trimmer lets you easily detail sideburns.
  • Wet or Dry Operation
    Rugged and 100% waterproof, the Ultimate Series Rx5 Head Shaver can be used in either wet or dry shaving applications. It also features an ergonomic handle design to provide a secure hold with optimum control.
    *Results may vary by use and technique. Based on internal data.

What's In The Box?

  • 1x Remington Ultimate Series Rx5 Head Shaver
  • 1x Head Guard
  • 1x Storage Bag
  • 1x Cleaning Brush
  • 1x Power Adapter

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Ultimate Series Rx5 Head Shaver

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