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The Waterford Elegance collection is the pinnacle of elite fine wine and spirits enjoyment. This handmade, crystalline Cabernet Sauvignon Pair is uniquely contemporary in design and deportment, with a clear, delicate bowl, striking deep V plunge, crisp rim, pulled stem and flawlessly modern profile.

A crisp rim and oversize bowl captures dense notes and allows flavours room to breathe in these stunning Elegance Cabernet Sauvignon Pair. Tangy tannins can be fully appreciated in the deep V plunge that concentrates the bouquet. Clear, crystalline allows for visual appreciation of a red's many hues. The smooth stem and slightly oversized foot encourages a good swirl.

  • <li>Material: Lead Free Crystal</li>
  • <li>Capacity: 790ml</li>
  • <li>Washing: Hand wash only</li>
  • <li>Gift Boxed: Yes
  • <li>Weight (kg): 0.45</li>
  • <li>Width (cm): 11.5</li>
  • <li>Length (cm): 11.5</li>
  • <li>Height (cm): 25</li></ul>

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Crystal Elegance Cabernet Sauvignon Pair

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