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Points Plus Pay

If you’ve got your eye on something but don’t have enough points, you may be able to use Points Plus Pay. If you have the specified minimum number of points, you can use an accepted payment card to purchase the Awards you want, using a mixture of money and points. What’s more, you’ll boost your points balance even further when you pay the cash component with a Qantas Points earning credit card*.

You can use Points Plus Pay for most Awards. However some are excluded, such as all gift cards and vouchers.

You can choose to use Points Plus Pay when browsing Awards, or when reviewing your shopping cart.

How does it work?

  1. When browsing Awards, if Points Plus Pay is available a slider will be displayed when you are on a product page. This will allow you to choose the number of points you wish to use. Once happy, click 'Add to cart' or 'Add to cart and check out'. Your selection will then be displayed in your Shopping Cart.
  2. When in your Shopping Cart, you will have another opportunity to use Points Plus Pay or adjust the number of points you use.
  3. Don’t forget to use your Qantas Points earning credit card at the checkout to earn points on your purchase.

If you are purchasing multiple Awards and one Award is not available for Points Plus Pay, the amount you are able to use will be calculated on the Awards that are available with Points Plus Pay.

Important Information:
The minimum number of points will vary depending on the Award and is subject to change. Any money payment must be made by Accepted Payment Card.
Should you add multiple quantities of the same item to your Shopping Cart at different times, the previous ratio of cash and points you selected for the first item added will be replaced with the ratio you use for the item you add later.
If you adjust the number of Qantas Points you wish to use at the Shopping Cart, this new ratio will also replace any earlier selections you made when adding the product to your Shopping cart.
To find out more visit terms of use or FAQs.
*Card products referred to are not Qantas products and are not offered or issued by Qantas but by the relevant Card Partners. The applicable Card Partner is the credit provider and credit licensee under the National Consumer Credit Protection laws. The applicable Card Partner pays Qantas in respect of Qantas Points issued in relation to a Card. Points are offered by the relevant Card Partner and their reward program and accrue in accordance with and subject to the relevant Card Partner's reward program terms and conditions. Contact the relevant Card Partner for terms and conditions and enquiries. Cards and card program membership are subject to approval by Card Partners and other credit criteria, fees and charges, terms and conditions, lending and eligibility criteria (including age restrictions) may apply.